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How leveraged cloud encoding for the next generation of eSports.

Kieran Farr
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- Bitmovin

- Bitmovin

The global audience for video games is projected to be somewhere around 650 million by 2022. It’s no surprise then that eSports is booming right now with competitive gaming expected to be a billion dollar industry in 2019, with its global audience expected to increase by more than 50% between now and 2023.

Znipe.TV’s platform offers its users a bespoke viewing experience by empowering them to select the players and streams they want to follow and options on how to split the screen, giving them a unique perspective on every match.

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The Challenge

To ensure that they could continue to deliver high-quality experiences to viewers, while having the agility to deliver innovation quickly, Znipe.TV needed a cloud encoding service that:

  • Could handle a high level of complexity at scale, as gaming content is very complex to encode
  • Could be deployed in any cloud region around the world
  • Is system agnostic to avoid tying them to a specific cloud vendor, offering maximum flexibility
  • Encodes multiple streams at 60 frames per second (FPS)
  • Is future proof to make sure that Znipe.TV stayed up to date with ongoing market innovations

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The Solution

After looking at a number of technologies available on the market, Bitmovin’s encoding solution quickly became the obvious choice to address Znipe.TV’s needs.

Bitmovin’s solution was chosen because it offers the most flexible encoding on the market. It can be deployed in any cloud region of Znipe.TV’s preference, which means that streams can be encoded in the closest location to the respective eSports event. This guarantees fast turnaround times, reduced latency and an enhanced viewing experience.

Bitmovin’s flexible and customizable technology has helped us in our unique broadcasting challenges: to seamlessly generate a vast amount of parallel live video feeds and present them to the user in the highest quality, wherever they are in the world. Znipe.TV’s unique service broadcasts a time-synchronized video stream covering multiple angles, increases the demand placed on a transcoder service. Bitmovin has proven it is able to deliver all of our needs now and in the future with their fantastic technical roadmap. To achieve the unique Znipe. TV viewing experience, we chose Bitmovin’s encoding to handle the video transcoding so that we can focus on what we do best, providing world-class entertainment for fans globally, live and on demand.

Erik Åkerfeldt, CEO and Co-Founder, ZnipeTV

With Bitmovin’s help, Znipe.TV is able to offer a cutting edge service that gives viewers the opportunity to watch tournaments from their preferred perspective. This innovative way for viewers to experience the thrills and spills of the best players in the world on titles like CounterStrike: Global Offensive, has been a huge success and cemented its position as a leading eSports broadcaster.

Want to learn more? Download the full Case Study!

Read the Case Study


Kieran Farr

Kieran Farr

Kieran Farr is an experienced technical founder and senior executive with over a decade of experience working with online video infrastructure. Kieran is also a community advocate for web-based standards to deliver 360º video, VR, and AR experiences and advises startup founders working in video, crypto and XR at 500 Startups and the European Innovation Academy.

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