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On-Demand Webinars

Developing for Streaming Video: Beginner Crash Course for Video App Development

In this webinar, we investigate what to consider when trying to address the seemingly simple request: How can we provide video content for our users? You will learn the basics of video streaming to help you understand what factors to consider when addressing this question. This course is perfect for web developers, independent coders, creative agencies, students and anyone who has a basic understanding of programming concepts but little-to-zero knowledge of video development.

Assessing Video Quality: Methods, Measurements and Best Practices

We’ve partnered up with Encoding Expert, Jan Ozer, and SSIMWave Solutions Expert, Carlos Bacquet, to discuss the importance of video quality in the modern streaming world. Listen to our online course and discussion on what quality means and why it matters. You will also learn about some tools and examples that you can implement to improve quality and efficiency in your workflow.

Better Together: Player and Analytics

Content owners have so many options when it comes to picking video data products and services. How do you pick the best solution for your needs?

Hear from Shilpa Murthy and Daniel Hoelbling-Inzko from our Bitmovin team to learn how to best take advantage of actionable video analytics and cross platform video players to meet the growing demand for quality video streaming services across devices.

CMAF Low Latency

The challenge for the online streaming industry is to reduce latency. Therefore, many video providers have taken steps to optimize their live streaming workflows by rolling out new streaming standards like the Common Media Application Format (CMAF) and making changes to encoding, CDN delivery, and playback technologies.

Hear from Shilpa Murthy (Bitmovin), Jerome Blanc (Anevia), and Ashok Lalwani (Fastly) to learn more about how the current architecture is shifting to support a low latency framework.

There’s an App for That!
How to Build Multi-Platform Video Apps that Delight Your Users and Your Developers.

For broadcasters and developers distributing video content on mobile apps, dedicating sufficient resources to build and manage video delivery on each platform – iOS and Android, in addition to the desktop web – is a constant balancing act between improving capabilities and end-user experience, on one hand, and meeting time-to-market goals with the available resources, on the other. Watch this webinar to learn about the available solutions for multi-platform distribution from Bitmovin mobile platforms expert and Solutions Architect Cory Zachman.

DRM – Back to Basics: Selecting and Implementing the Right Premium Content Protection.

Premium content protection is key to a successful content monetization strategy and with the recent evolution of streaming formats and standards, it is now easier than ever to create DRM-protected streaming systems and access rich feature sets, such as offline viewing and TVE. Join Irdeto and Bitmovin for a live webinar to learn how to build efficient and easy-to-manage DRM workflows, including real-world implementation examples of simple and complex systems.

An Introduction to AV1, The Next-Gen Royalty-Free Codec From the Alliance for Open Media.

Join Bitmovin and Mozilla – the two companies behind the world’s first AV1 playback with HTML5 – as we take a closer look at what’s in store for the future of video streaming and discover the cool new video tools in this royalty-free video codec from the Alliance for Open Media!

Mission Impossible: Boosting Video Streaming Quality while Reducing Bandwidth.

Anyone working in video knows that along with fast startup and avoiding stalls (buffering), video quality is a key factor in satisfying your audience. We at Bitmovin have recently introduced three new ways video streaming services can optimize their streams to boost video quality without using more data.  Join this sessions to learn how per-title encoding, multi-codec streaming, and per-scene adaptation help reverse this trend and improve streaming quality over the same, or lower, bandwidth.

Per-Title Encoding: Netflix-style Optimization for Quality and CDN Costs.

Since Netflix popularized the concept of flexible encoding ladders, per-title encoding optimization has been gaining recognition for its quality optimization as well as bandwidth-saving advantages. In this webinars, you will learn how encoding video at bitrates appropriate to the content achieves significant bandwidth savings, as well as improves the video quality.

Cloud vs. On-Prem Video Processing and Delivery

The cloud has transformed video processing and delivery, and it’s more robust, efficient, and flexible than ever. But on-prem solutions still have their place, as do hybrid solutions that offer the best of both worlds. Join this webinar for an insightful discussion and debate about the pros and cons of all three approaches.

Deploying KeyOS Multi-DRM with the Bitmovin Encoder & Player

Tuesday, Feb. 7th, we will go live with “Deploying KeyOS Multi-DRM With The Bitmovin Cloud Encoder and Player.” The webinar will discuss how to encode content and play it back using both platforms and will feature a Q&A session at the end. One lucky attendee will receive a Free Gen 2 Chromecast!

VR & 360° Video Beyond the Hype

VR and 360° video is no longer just hype; more and more publishers are delivering it today. When done right, this new technology brings an exciting way of telling stories while giving viewers an immersive experience unlike anything they have seen before. However, doing it right isn’t a trivial task. This web event will examine the current state of the art, discuss new opportunities, and help you stay on the cutting edge of VR and 360° video.

Advanced Encoding and Transcoding

Encoding and transcoding are at the heart of online video, and just when you think you’ve got a handle on them, the game changes. H.264 still rules the roost, but HEVC, VP9, and AV1 are coming on strong. Hardware encoding is still an industry bedrock, but software and cloud-based solutions are shaking things up. This webinar will make sure that you’re up to speed on all the latest encoding trends and techniques to make sure your video looks its best, every time.

DASH – New Advancements in DASH Media Delivery

In this webinar, we will present the latest MPEG and DASH-IF advancements on DASH. We will cover new additional standard tools for OTT, DASH support for VR/360° video delivery, low-latency DASH streaming, and the DASH-IF guidelines for streaming UHD/HDR content.

Using Data: Enhancing Quality of Experience and Quality of Service

If OTT is going to truly beat broadcast, it needs to provide viewers with a broadcast-quality experience. The only way to do that is with highly granular analytics that help publishers assess and improve Quality of Experience and Quality of Service. Join this roundtable to hear insights into how to get the most out of your data, and how to make sure your viewers get the quality they expect.

Optimizing Your Video

As video quality increases, network bandwidth becomes more congested, and mobile viewing skyrockets, it’s more important than ever to squeeze every last bit of efficiency out of your video encodes and transcodes. And though H.265 is gaining traction, there’s still plenty that can be done to get the most out of H.264. Learn from industry leaders how to maximize your video quality, minimize your delivery charges, and boost your bottom line.

Ditching Flash: Options and Q&A

If you haven’t already made the move from Flash to HTML5, you’re losing business. Browsers are making it harder for consumers to play Flash video, and CDNs are ending their support for RTMP. You’ll need to take a hard look at codecs, formats, and players that can help you stay ahead of the game, and this webinar will help you stay on the cutting edge.