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The Bitmovin Adaptive Streaming Player delivers a broadcast quality user experience with fast start up and no buffering native in HTML5 as well as a wide range of native apps and platforms, which means no third party plugins. This section of our blog is devoted to the wide range of topics associated with adaptive video playback in a commercial environment including; DRM, ad servers, 360 Video, Virtual Reality, Live Streaming, MPEG-DASH, HLS, Video on Demand (VOD), Over the top content (OTT). Find out more about the Bitmovin Video Player

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Applying Playlist APIs to Bitmovin’s v3 Mobile Player SDK

Bitmovin’s video player is available for nearly all devices, platforms, and implementations. As the number of use cases and devices grows on a global scale, it’s imperative for a video player to be supported on as many devices as possible and enable development teams to launch services quickly. Bitmovin’s Player empowers developers by providing reference APIs…

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Operational Optimization Video Player Viewer Experience Welcome to the Bitmovin Blog

Bitmovin Stream Lab – A New Approach to Device Testing, Support and Playback

Launching & managing a streaming service in today’s market can be a bit overwhelming and I know right now you’re saying “Duh Adam, thanks for the groundbreaking opinion” but it’s not for the reasons you would normally think – workflow. It’s actually about the number of devices you and your team have the capability of…

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Quality of Experience (QoE) in Video Technology [2022 Guide]

Quality of Experience (QoE) in Video Technology [2022 Guide] Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Quality of Experience in video technology. If you’re looking for the following: Why QoE in Video Matters Today QoE and Revenue Loss Statistics Video Encoders and QoE Quality Assessment Scoring Methods Encoding Choices and QoE Then  you are in the…

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