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Last Months Video Encoding API Release Notes

Video encoding api release and development cycle

 “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Quote: “Ferris Bueller

The same can be said for the ferociously paced development cycle at Bitmovin. We are constantly talking to our customers through our support channels, taking their feedback and suggestions and planning solutions, building great new features and then releasing them for our customers to use, giving feedback, and then the cycle continues.
Sometimes it’s good to step back, take a breath, and have a look at what we have built. So here it is, a wrap up of what the Bitmovin team released last month:

ClearKey encryption now supported by Bimovin

MPEG-CENC ClearKey Encryption Support and Marlin DRM

As you probably know, Bitmovin already supports all of the major DRM systems, like Widevine, PlayReady and FairPlay. Adapting our system to support ClearKey was the next logical step. MPEG-CENC ClearKey support provides a free alternative to the big brand DRM systems, not only allowing you to encrypt your adaptive streaming files, but also your progressive MP4 files through the Marlin DRM system for offline playback.

Advanced Configurations for Low-Latency Livestreams

Live streaming low latencyLivestreams are already ubiquitous across the world of digital media, delivering a plethora of awesome events and spectacular shows to a hungry online audience. But depending on the type of event, the end-to-end delay between your livestream and it’s playback can be make or break for your event coverage. With the critical nature of this particular aspect of your livestream’s delivery in mind, we have created options that give you complete control over the latency and performance of your streams.
Check out our PHP API Client Example and/or our API Reference.

Notification-Service: Create Webhooks for Certain API-Events

Webhooks integration for Bitmovin Cloud Encoding APIAnother popular request from our customers was to implement a notification system into our API that would PUSH status updates when transfers or encodings were complete rather than our customers needing to be constantly polling each process. We are very pleased with our new notification-service which enables you to create subscriptions for events like “encoding.finished” or “transfer.finished” in an easy and RESTful way through a clever use of webhooks.
Check out the webhooks blog post.

.NET API Client 1.0 released

We already offer a great range of API clients for our cloud encoding service for adaptive streaming video, including node.js, ruby, javascript, php, python, and java. This month we added .NET, written in C#, to the list.
As many of our customers are using the .NET framework in their backend, we are expecting the API client to be very popular right from the outset. The fact that Microsoft open sourced the .NET framework last November (2015) to make it available cross-platform , means that this API is useful to a much broader range of developers than it was.
C# video streaming just got easier for everyone! Read a write up from our CTO: Bitmovin C# API Client for .NET – The New Kid on the Block

Better Support for Watermarks

We have supported watermarking for quite a while now, but up until this month it was only available for Encoder v1. This limitation has been removed, so you can now encode profiles with watermark configurations with our high speed Encoder v2.
Read more about watermarking your videos here.

What’s Next for our Video Encoding API?

The next release will be a big one! We are currently working on a major overhaul that will make a wide range of improvements, including: lower enqueue times, faster encodings with the possibility to directly transfer your content to your own storage, 4K Livestreams with DRM protection, Encoding Filters and a whole bunch of other great features and improvements that will further enrich and simplify your encoding experience!!
If you want to get beta access, please contact us directly. We will be happy to get you started!
What, you’re still here?
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Gernot is one of Bitmovin's most experienced developers, and leads the customer support team as well as assisting in many areas of our product development cycle. His knowledge spans the entire range of Bitmovin products, features and solutions.

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