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Video Encoding

The Bitmovin Cloud Encoding Service is capable of encoding MPEG-DASH and HLS up to 100x faster than real time which makes it easily the fastest encoding service on the market today. This section of our blog is devoted to providing you with information, not just on our video encoding service, but also on the state of the adaptive streaming industry, in particular the wide range of technologies associated with adaptive streaming.

You can view our product page to learn more about our Video Encoding service.

Developer Network Series: Everything you need to know about Lossy Compression Algorithms

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Introduction to Compression Algorithms When it comes to content distribution, especially in the form of […]

Video Compression Basics: What is video transcoding, why is it important, and how does it apply to my everyday life?

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What is Transcoding? In the context of video – Transcoding refers to the process of […]

State of Compression: What is VVC and how does it work?

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VVC moves closer to finalization 2020 is the year of VVC. At least when it […]

Our Journey Towards Encoding Excellence – 2019 in Review

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Where our journey to Encoding Excellence began Many of the basic concepts of video coding […]

Shaping the future of video – Thank you to our friends, partners, & clients for a great first decade

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A Message from the Bitmovin Founders To our loyal customers, partners, readers, friends, and hard-working […]

New Dynamic Partnership: Vidispine API and Bitmovin’s Encoder Integration

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Encoder Integration made for your success We want to enable you to build out the […]

Encoding Excellence: Reducing Redundancy with Bitmovin’s Video Bitrate Heatmap

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In our content-driven world – it’s of utmost importance to deliver consistent and high-quality content […]

Video Compression Basics: Encoding Definition and Adaptive Bitrate

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  Are you seeking a way into the world of Video Technology and Development, but […]

Encoding Excellence: Top Three (plus one) Methods to Objectively Measure Video Quality

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Welcome back to our Encoding Excellence series! Our first post covered why Quality of Experience […]

Quality of Experience (QoE): Where Quality means doing it right when no one is watching (yet)

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Welcome one, welcome all to the first blog post of our new Encoding Excellence series! […]