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Video Encoding

The Bitmovin Cloud Encoding Service is capable of encoding MPEG-DASH and HLS up to 100x faster than real time which makes it easily the fastest encoding service on the market today. This section of our blog is devoted to providing you with information, not just on our video encoding service, but also on the state of the adaptive streaming industry, in particular the wide range of technologies associated with adaptive streaming.

You can view our product page to learn more about our Video Encoding service.

DRM Webinar: Selecting and Implementing the Right Premium Content Protection

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Bitmovin, in combination with our partners Irdeto, hosted a webinar to present the common approaches […]

A.I. Encoding Uses Machine Learning to Speed Up Processing and Improve Quality

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A.I. Encoding workflow running on a containerized “chunk-based” infrastructure with ML-based machine learning model delivers […]

Video Encoding: Using Microservices and Containers

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Leveraging microservices and containers to create an advanced, scalable and powerful video encoding service. Video […]

Best Video Codec: An Evaluation of AV1, AVC, HEVC and VP9

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  This scientific evaluation puts AV1 to the test against industry standard codecs and shows […]

Cool New Video Tools: Five Encoding Advancements Coming in AV1

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Now that AV1 has entered its final stage of development and is getting close to […]

Webinar Recap: Per-Title Encoding Netflix-Style Optimization for Quality and CDN Costs

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In a recent webinar, Bitmovin Product Manager Daniel Hölbling-Inzko spoke with our Developer Experience Manager […]

New Bitmovin Portal Features! Team Management, Dashboard Views, and GitHub Login

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It’s already been a busy new year for the Bitmovin team! Since the release of […]

Quality and Bandwidth Optimization with Advanced Video Streaming Techniques

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As content providers face increasing viewer expectations, we explore how can publishers deliver premium quality […]

AV1 Datasheet

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Find out more about AV1? AV1 is the next generation video codec and is on […]

Efficient Multi-Codec Support for OTT Services: H.264/HEVC/VP9 and/or AV1?

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By encoding your videos using a multi-codec approach you can double the quality while still […]