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Video Encoding

The Bitmovin Cloud Encoding Service is capable of encoding MPEG-DASH and HLS up to 100x faster than real time which makes it easily the fastest encoding service on the market today. This section of our blog is devoted to providing you with information, not just on our video encoding service, but also on the state of the adaptive streaming industry, in particular the wide range of technologies associated with adaptive streaming.

You can view our product page to learn more about our Video Encoding service.

Cloud-based Per-Title Encoding Workflows (with AWS) – Part 2: Implementing the Encoding Workflow

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Implementing Cloud-Based Per-Title Encoding in the Real World Bitmovin’s gives developers access to industry-leading codecs and […]

Bitmovin’s Intern Series: The Journey from x86 to ARM – Testing AMD vs ARM vs Intel

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Part III – The Epic Battle of CPU Architectures: AMD vs ARM vs Intel Selecting, […]

Cloud-based Per-Title Encoding Workflows (with AWS) – Part 1: Establishing the Architecture

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If you work with video on the internet, you know how resource-intensive encoding can be. […]

Bitmovin’s Intern Series: The Journey from x86 to ARM – Applying Docker Tags

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Part II – Applying Docker Tags to ARM The Journey from x86 to ARM continues […]

Adaptive Streaming

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Adaptive Streaming “What is adaptive streaming?” This question often leads to answers filled with technical terms […]

State of Compression: Testing h.266/VVC vs h.265/HEVC

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VVC – the latest evolution for modern codecs Versatile Video Coding (h.266/VVC) is the newest […]

Bring Your Own Cloud: Introduction to Bitmovin Cloud Connect Encoding

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As demand for streaming video grows worldwide, many ISPs and hosting providers have struggled to […]

Cloud-agnostic encoding solutions for Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos

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Growing demand for elevated viewing experiences at home  Over the course of the past few […]

How to Improve Viewers’ Quality of Experience (QoE) While Cutting Storage and Delivery costs (ft. Teleport Media)

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This article was a collaborative article written by Bitmovin & Teleport Media | Authors: Andrei […]

Improving Time-to-Market: H264, HEVC, and VP9 Video Codec Presets

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Launching a new or revamped OTT service requires a lot of complex back-end workflow builds, […]