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Bitmovin Video Analytics is a versatile, customizable real-time analytics system built with development teams in mind. A powerful API allows integration with virtually any system and on-premise options gives you complete control and unbeatable data security features.

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Cloud-based Per-Title Encoding Workflows (with AWS) – Part 3: Adding the Player and Video Analytics

Cloud-Based Workflows with AWS: Plugging in the Video Player and Video Analytics In the first two parts of this series on using Bitmovin’s Per-Title Encoding on AWS, we’ve focused on the architecture of the application and setting up encoding using Bitmovin Cloud Connect. But now that we have our encoded videos saved to Amazon S3, what’s…

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Video Analytics Alerts: Impactful business notifications for reactive individuals

Actionable insights for reactive users Across all walks of life and varieties of business, teams, or individuals, humans can be categorized into two types of people – proactive or reactive. I found that these categories are just as applicable for Analytics vendors through discussions with my product peers for Analytics-oriented tools. Much like their general…

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Mitigating the Cost of Errors with Granular Data for Video Analytics

Video on the web has changed dramatically in the past ten years. We’ve shifted from progressive downloads that grab a full video, using plug-ins and strictly proprietary file formats to play, to streaming small chunks of data that support a wide range of network capabilities and formats.  The increasing granularity of video transactions means increased…

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Improving the Behind the Scenes Viewer Experience for Video Analytics

The Limitations of Video Analytics  Most performance-oriented tech platforms typically provide some semblance of reporting, however, the quality and clarity of that reporting vary greatly from provider to provider. This same logic applies equally for video analytics providers, and many OTT video software solutions weren’t able to clearly present information on what was happening with…

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Don’t Stream Blind! Why Video Analytics & Collectors are a Must Have

In a world where there are nearly 100x more streaming services than consumer TV brands, it’s more important than ever that streaming services maintain their edge over the competition. The production of Hollywood-grade content is meaningless if your play-out infrastructure can’t sustain traffic spikes, multiple device types, or bandwidth inconsistencies. Thus, it’s imperative to properly…

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Metrics That Matter: Top-Down Error Reporting

The OTT and video streaming industry is a fast-paced environment with countless variables that can and will affect your performance, viewer experience, and bottom-line. Perhaps most commonly – a video streaming platform might get hit with an unexpectedly viral piece of content, from breaking news to user-generated content (consider any trending “video challenge”) to a…

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Shaping the future of video – Thank you to our friends, partners, & clients for a great first decade

A Message from the Bitmovin Founders To our loyal customers, partners, readers, friends, and hard-working Bitmovers; I hope everybody enjoyed a restful and calm holiday season – it was well deserved and much needed. 2019 was a rollercoaster, with challenges, mistakes, a lot of hard work and great accomplishments. Thank you for helping us shape the…


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