Keyboard Shortcuts

This page shows how the player can controlled with keyboard shortcuts.

bitdash supports keyboard control for various different playback actions, which allows the viewers to control the player effortless in the same way the know from past experiences. Letters can either be pressed capitalised or uncapitalised.


Enter FullscreenF
Exit FullscreenEsc
Seek +5 SecondsRight
Seek +10 SecondsCTRL + Right / ⌘ + Right
Seek -5 SecondsLeft
Seek -10 SecondsCTRL + Left / ⌘ + Left
Volume +5%Up
Volume +10%CTRL + Up / ⌘ + Up
Volume -5%Down
Volume -10%CTRL + Down / ⌘ + Down
Move Up 1W
Move Down 1S
Move Left 1A
Move Right 1D

1 Applicable for VR/360 mode only

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