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Ready to get started with our HTML5 adaptive streaming player? We have the perfect tutorial for you to provide you all the basic information about our player and a step by step guide to get some videos playing quickly.

Just follow our general getting started guide!

Skin and User Interface

With the release of player version 7, we introduced an open-source user interface based on TypeScript and SCSS that compiles to JavaScript and CSS. It can be customized easily – from minor changes by adjusting CSS properties, to entirely custom UI layouts by utilizing the full power of the UI framework. The following resources are available:

Frequently Asked Questions

If things are unclear it’s always good to take a look at our frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question here, feel free to contact our support for direct help.


Our tutorials help users to learn how to use our player. A good start are the following two tutorials that show how to setup the player in the CDN hosted mode or directly on your server, cloud storage or CDN.

Player Configuration

The Bitmovin adaptive streaming player offers various configuration options for different use cases, like DRM encrypted streams, virtual reality or 360 streams, advertisements with VAST, etc. If you want to know more just browse through our player configuration documentation.

Javascript API

Many of our customers use our player just through the JavaScript API, fully customized to their needs and with their controls and skinning.

This interface stays the same on each platform or browser, no matter if you are using our player on iOS, OS X, Windows, Linux, Android or different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or integrated platforms like ChromeCast or SmartTVs.

Release Notes

We are continuously improving our player based on your input. Every time when we release a new version we update our release notes to let you know what happens behind the curtains.


If you get stuck at some point you can always contact us directly. In your account you can send us an email through the support section or contact us on every page through the question mark symbol at the bottom right directly.

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