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Bitmovin Listed in Streaming Media Top 100 Companies

top100 streaming media bitmovinAgain this year , Bitmovin has been selected by a panel of 9 streaming media experts as one of the TOP 100 companies that matter most in online video in 2015. The Streaming Media editors put together the most interesting, important, and influential companies in the online video industry. In its fifth year, the TOP 100 list shows a new maturity, a sign of an industry coming into its own.
The 2015 top 100 list focuses exclusively on vendors in the online video space. The list includes companies that offer products, services and technologies for end users as well as for other vendors or integrators to enable the full capabilities for the unstoppable growth of online video.

Bitmovin – Video Encoding and HTML5 Adaptive Streaming

Streaming Media Top 100 List with bitmovin online video streaming
The way Bitmovin implements online video standards such as MPEG-DASH or HLS is pioneering. The video solutions deliver content with the lowest startup delay going down to 100ms from page load to first frame. Content created with Bitmovin plays without buffering and in the best possible quality. Bitmovin provides 100% better quality without buffering compared to the next best industry solution.
To deliver this experience Bitmovin provides two products – Bitmovin HTML5 video player and Bitmovin cloud encoding service – that can be used independently, but provide the best experience when used together.
Bitmovin cloud encoding encodes videos 100x faster and provides higher quality output than any other encoding service. This means encoding a 2 hour HD movie in just two minutes – others need several hours. This is great for video content companies in terms of time to market as well as user experience.
Bitmovin enables HTML5 adaptive streaming with MPEG-DASH native in your browser – no need for plugins like Flash or Silverlight. Bitmovin guarantees fastest loading and video startup times with the best possible quality and no buffering. While other solutions on the market are struggling for stability and performance, Bitmovin just works.

Thanks to the 2015 Streaming Media 100 voters:

Troy Dreier, Jan Ozer, Dan Rayburn, Robert Reinhardt, Dom Robinson, Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, Tim Siglin, Joel Unickow, Nicolas Weil
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Gerald Zankl is the Director of Sales for EMEA at Bitmovin, a company that provides cutting-edge online streaming solutions for high-quality adaptive bitrate video, with a focus on MPEG-DASH & HLS. Mr. Zankl's experience in sales and marketing includes positions with a variety of international companies including Atos and Infineon. He joined Bitmovin as Sales and Marketing Manager in 2014. His focus is on Enterprise Sales with direct selling efforts to media companies, system integrators and broadcasters. He is also leading the team for international demand generation and is responsible for sales development activities. 

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