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MPEG-DASH Presentations at NAB2014

Bitmovin’s CIO Christian Timmerer gave two MPEG-DASH presentations at NAB2014 featuring “Adaptive Media Streaming over Emerging Protocols” during the Broadcast Engineering Conference (BEC) and “MPEG-DASH Reference Software and Conformance” during the DASH-IF event. The slides are available here:

Adaptive Media Streaming over Emerging Protocols

Authors: Christian Timmerer, Christopher Mueller, and Stefan Lederer

Abstract: The emerging MPEG standard Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH) is designed for media delivery over the top of existing infrastructures and enables smooth multimedia streaming towards heterogeneous devices including both wired and wireless environments. The MPEG-DASH standard was designed to work with HTTP-URLs but mandates neither the actual version nor which underlying protocols are to be used. This paper will provide a detailed introduction to emerging protocols (HTTP/2.0 and beyond) to be used in the context of adaptive media streaming, specifically DASH.

Adaptive Media Streaming over Emerging Protocols by Christian Timmerer

MPEG-DASH Reference Software and Conformance

Author: Christian Timmerer

Abstract: This presentation gives an overview of the MPEG-DASH reference software and conformance tools and how they can be used to enable interoperability for DASH-based services. As an example, we will present how to use cloud infrastructure to encode broadcast/live streams for OTT delivery.


MPEG-DASH Reference Software and Conformance by Christian Timmerer

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