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Medientage Munich 2014 – Looking Back

by Gerald Zankl, Sales & Marketing Bitmovin.
The Medientage Munich took place from October 22-24, 2014. The Medientage was also a great event this year, with a lot of very interested customers, good conference speakers, partners and many visitors. In this blogpost I want to first give you an overview of the Medientage Munich 2014, a short review of the Night of the Media and an outlook regarding our MPEG-DASH player bitdash (now known as Bitmovin HTML5 Player) and our transcoding and streaming service bitcodin (now known as Bitmovin Encoding Service).

The Exhibition

Over the three exhibition days in Munich, we showcased our transcoding and streaming portal bitcodin and our MPEG-DASH players bitdash. Online transcoding and streaming of video content from HD up to 4K was one of the hottest topics at the exhibition and the whole conference. We had a lot of great conversations with customers and partners. We could give a lot of answers about the DASH standard – which YouTube and Netflix already use – and about questions regarding the efficient usage of resources (storage costs, delivery costs, CPU costs) in the field of video streaming and transcoding.
Medientage Munich bitmovin

Figure 1: Numerous people visit the Medientage Munich

Gerald Zankl and Stefan Lederer at Medientage Munich, bitmovin

Figure 2: Bitmovin at Medientage Munich (Gerald Zankl and Stefan Lederer)

bitdash Player Showcases

We presented bitdash in the final release. Broadcasters, video portals and video providers now need a stable and performant MPEG-DASH player that enables high quality streaming over the web and on all platforms (desktop, tablet, smartphones). Our MPEG-DASH player bitdash covers all these features in a perfect way and guarantees smooth video streaming without buffering, lowest startup delay and playback of high definition (HD) as well as 4K. From our conversations we got great feedback about additionally needed features of our HTML5 and Flash video players. As expected, digital rights management (DRM) and the integration of ads, are the two features on the client and playback side that matter most and are already in development at Bitmovin. DRM and the ads integration will be ready with the next major release of bitdash in the next weeks.
If you couldn’t visit us at Medientage Munich, the best way to experience the full potential of bitdash is by interacting with the player. Have a look at our online demo-area:
bitdash player by bitmovin

Figure 3: MPEG-DASH player bitdash with different input streams

bitcodin Live Transcoding

We also showcased our transcoding and streaming as a service portal bitcodin. bitcodin transcodes videos 10 to 40 or more times faster than realtime. Our efficient and scalable cloud technology is responsible for this great performance. bitcodin dynamically scales in the cloud where necessary, or if more processing power is needed. At the exhibition we generated MPEG-DASH and HLS output streams in many different qualities and resolutions and of course for all devices and platforms. bitcodin will be launched for friendly customers in the next weeks. We will release the final public version of bitcodin at the beginning of 2015 .
bitcodin streaming and transcoding by bitmovin

Figure 4: We showcased transcoding and streaming as a service portal bitcodin at Medientage Munich

Night of the Media

On Wednesday evening, the “Nacht der Medien” was organized at the Justizpalast Munich. The “Night of the Media” is the traditional society highlight of the Medientage Munich and it was a pleasure to attend this event. We had some interesting and exciting talks with different people from the whole media industry. We also saw a little bit of Munich. The time to explore Munich was very limited, but at least we found some time on Thursday evening for dinner with some of our customers, partners and friends.
Night of the Media - Nacht der Medien - Medientage München bitmovin

Thank You and See You Again in 2015

Finally, many thanks to all the visitors to our booth and also a big thank you to Advantage Austria (WKO) for organizing our participation. Thanks also to our partners and suppliers for the talks and the positive feedback on our products and services.
The Austrian delegation at Medientage Munich, bitmovin, Stefan Lederer, Gerald Zankl
Medientage Munich BR
Medientage Munich SAT1
If you would like to learn more about our products and services, please visit our websites and, Feel free to download our whitepapers as well as DASH players or contact us directly with your specific needs, we are more than happy to help!
See you again next year at Medientage Munich and stay tuned for news about the official product launch of bitcodin in January, 2015.
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