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IBM Bluemix Hackathon feat. Econob, Linemetrics and Bitmovin

Our colleagues  from Econob were  so kind as to organize an IBM Bluemix Hackathon, with teams from Econob, Linemetrics, IBM Switzerland and Bitmovin.The aim was to create innovative services for IBM Bluemix, which is a perfect platform for Econob’s linguistic analysis solutions , Linemetrics’ Industry 4.0 solutions and of course Bitmovin’s cloud-based transcoding & streaming services .  Each team, consisting of two people, had two days. It doesn’t sound  that much, but it was enough to create cool applications.
The Bitmovin team created a really nice and intuitive demonstration application for our cloud-based Bitmovin Encoding Service  and our Bitmovin HTML5 Player  streaming clients, showing the flexibility, performance and speed of our solution. We have now extended this demo and will use it for multiple occasions in future. Thus, the hackathon was a great event for us and we decided to do regular hackathons within Bitmovin to give our team the time and platform to create innovative applications, demos, use case, etc. using Bitmovin technology.So, stay tuned to hear and see more on that in the future.
Thanks also to the Econob and IBM teams for organizing this cool event!

Introduction to the details of Bluemix

IBM Bluemix Hackathon with bitmovin, Econob and Linemetrics
IBM Bluemix Hackathon with Bitmovin, Econob and Linemetrics

The whole hackathon crew

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