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IBC 2019: Bitmovin Encoding, Player, & Analytics Product Showcase

Sean McCarthy

Written by:
September 6th, 2019

When it comes to media, entertainment, and technology, IBC is one of the world’s most influential shows. For us at Bitmovin, it is a great opportunity to demonstrate what our tech is capable of. Over the past year, the streaming industry has seen incredible technology advancements. Content monetization, low-latency streaming, continued migrations to cloud workflows, and focus on sustainable streaming economics are the topics driving innovation. 

We have prepared an exhibit displaying our three product lines: Player, Encoder, and Analytics as well as an innovation area where we are showcasing low latency streaming capabilities and encoding workflows using object detection for thumbnail extraction. Our media experts will be on-site to offer their expertise and present Bitmovin solutions which address the many technical and business challenges media organizations are experiencing today.

Encoding Excellence

Lower Costs:

Encoding has traditionally been seen as a high-cost function of the streaming workflow, but our latest product innovations are shifting this perception. By analyzing the economics of the overall streaming workflow, and offering bitrate optimization tools as well as multi-codec capabilities, we have leveraged the power of encoding to reduce overall costs associated with streaming (CDN and storage) —  without compromising video quality. 

Improve Quality:

Beyond improving the economics of streaming, we also aim to set the standard for the highest objective quality of experience (QoE) our encoder produces. We will be demoing how Bitmovin achieves this via per-title, 3-pass, and multi-codec encoding. We encourage you to trial our encoder and see the results for yourself or stop by our booth to see video quality increase as bitrates and costs decrease!

Play Everywhere

Maximize Device Reach

Having developed the first commercial MPEG-DASH player, Bitmovin understands the challenges developers face when building or modifying video players. We value simplifying the process for engineers and have developed additional native player SDKs to make cross-platform reach as seamless as possible. We have SDKs and APIs which reach over 10+ platforms ranging from browsers, mobile, connected TVs, Consoles and Smart TV devices. Leverage SVOD and AVOD capabilities out of the box

Our player possesses a wealth of features and functionalities that are core to the streaming experience. Multi DRM support, multi-codec streaming, low-latency support, and a wide variety of advertising solutions make it easy for engineers to address different monetization needs in a flexible manner. We have created a modular player framework which enables you to choose what features and functions are important to you and seamlessly enable or integrate them for an unmatched player experience. Optimizing player performance has never been easier.

Viewer and Advertising Insights

Monitor Your Service Quality

What is quality? For many, it is dictated by quality of service (QoS) KPIs such as rebuffering and video start failure percentages. For others, it means ensuring overall audience sizes are growing, Dynamic ad-insertion (DAI) ad fill-rates meet expectations, or all devices are performing optimally. Regardless of what your definition of quality is, a strong analytics platform enables you to easily monitor your customized performance measurements. Bitmovin has exposed granular metrics and dimensions in a user-centric dashboard which helps achieve all varieties of monitoring.

Uncover Optimization Potential

Optimize your offering based on your viewers’ demands and viewing conditions, reduce redundancies, and tune your service to the browsers and devices that your viewers are actually using. Whether you are a developer aiming to optimize your player’s ABR logic, an executive observing audience trends, a digital sales team demystifying the monetary value of your content, or an operations engineer ensuring availability and quality, our analytics will give you the technical and business insights required for success. 

We are continuously innovating at Bitmovin, and are looking forward to showcasing our technology at IBC. Come see how our products can be leveraged to simplify media workflows, minimize costs, and optimize the quality of experience for your viewers.

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