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IBC 2014 – Looking Back

by Stefan Lederer, CEO bitmovin.
IBC 2014 in Amsterdam was also a great event for Bitmovin this year, as well as for the whole industry. Kept busy with a lot of meetings and scheduled events however, we didn’t see a lot of Amsterdam. In this blogpost I want to give an overview of two DASH-focused events at IBC and then I want to say something about the two solutions Bitmovin presented at IBC:

DASH Super Session

One of the DASH-related highlights at IBC was definitely the DASH Super Session organized by the DASH Industry Forum. The room was filled to capacity, with some people even following the session stood outside.
The talk given by Richard Leider from Google/Youtube (Engineering Manager, YouTube Player Infrastructure) was definitely the highlight of the event. He presented how YouTube switched to DASH-based playback wherever possible and how it now offers 99 % of its content via DASH!! That’s a clear sign to the industry that DASH is the choice of standard for the future. And YouTube clearly sees the benefits of the standard, as you can see:
DASH at YouTube and Google, IBC 2014

Figure 1: Slides, Richard Leider, Engineering Manager, YouTube Player Infrastructure

Another important aspect Richard Leider mentioned was that Google also uses DASH to enable new use cases on all types of platforms, such as live streaming to game consoles, etc. That again validates the words of Dr. Thomas Stockhammer (Editor of the MPEG-DASH Standard), who has been quoted as saying that “DASH is not only a standard, DASH is an enabler”.
I also want to mention IRT’s Dr. Klaus Illgner-Fehns’ talk , who is also chairman of the HbbTV standardization. His talk was on “How broadcasters can leverage DASH for OTT delivery”, which is particularly interesting as new SmartTVs include DASH support within their SDKs and the HbbTV (in V 1.5) supports DASH as well (even via an own profile). Both ways are supported and in Bitmovin’s focus as well as part of our bitcodin 24/7 live streaming product for broadcast channels: This is quite a hot topic in the industry at the moment, especially in the EU which is the key market forHbbTV. Therefore, we are also present at the HbbTV Symposium in Paris and the Medientage Munich, if you want to see showcases or talk in more detail about these use cases.

Figure 2: MPEG-DASH in HbbTV Slides, by Dr. Klaus Illgner-Fehns

DASH Industry Forum Welcome Reception

Bitmovin also sponsored the DASH-IF Welcome reception at the Heineken Brewery, which was another highlight for us and the DASH community. I really liked the opening words from Will Law (DASH-IF, Akamai) referring to the enormous growth of the DASH-IF events in recent years, as well as the absence of HLS events/parties in general ;-). And that’s true; nearly 300 people attended this networking event, plus our partners and customers. It was also a great success for us. Our demo booth was pretty crowded all throughout the evening and I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you all for the interest in our solutions!
DASH Industry Forum at IBC 2014

Figure 3: DASH IF Welcome Reception at the Heineken Brewery

Launch of

We also took the opportunity at IBC to present our bitdash (now known as Bitmovin HTML5 Player) MPEG-DASH players to our industry partners as well as our customers and gained extremely positive feedback. These players enable MPEG-DASH playback on any web browser, using either HTML5 video or Flash, depending on the browser and version, and even on mobile platforms using HTML5. That happens within our player SDK, so that the people using our players do not have to worry about that. It simply works everywhere and can be controlled via a unified API. Another key differentiation factor from other DASH-players is that we pay high attention to stability and performance, meaning that we tune our player to be the one with the fastest startup delay, best adaption algorithms and thus quality and of course stability.
Feel free to download a free version on and give it a try! And stay tuned, we will release more information on that in the next few days!

Figure 4: Our newly launched website

Cloud-based Transcoding, magnitudes faster than real-time

Last but definitely not least, I want to talk about Bitmovin’s core product, bitcodin (now known as Bitmovin Encoding Service) – our cloud-based transcoding platform – which we also showcased at IBC for different use cases:

  • 24/7 Live Streaming using DASH and HLS – as a Service: Using bitcodin, we are able to provide fully redundant and reliable 24/7 OTT broadcast streams in the highest quality (Full HD, even 4K), everything delivered using MPEG-DASH (as well as HLS for iOS devices). Thus, we are able to stream the OTT broadcast content to any device, including Web, Smartphone, Tablet and SmartTV platforms with one homogeneous system. And, everything is offered as a service, so that our customers do not need to worry about the skills, hardware, distribution capacities, etc. and can concentrate on their core business.
  • High-Speed Transcoding to DASH and HLS – as a Service: We also showcased the performance advantages we have in the cloud, by transcoding demand files. Others claim to do that faster than real time (so 1x realtime), however, that’s not enough for us. With bitcodin, we can reach up to 10x realtime, with a good input connectivity to the source file event up to 100x realtime, without a problem! This can be translated to business advantages resulting in less time needed for transcoding the content and a faster time to market, which are facts that are greatly appreciated by our partners and customers. But stay tuned, you will hear more on that in the next weeks and months. bitmovin's bitdash MPEG DASH HTML 5 and Flash Playerappreciated greatly by our partners and customers. But stay tuned, you will hear more on that in the upcoming weeks and months.

bitcodin: Transcoding and Streaming as a Service

Figure 5: bitcodin transcoding as a service demo @ IBC

If you would like to hear more on this, please visit our websites and, feel free to download our whitepapers as well as DASH players, or contact us directly with your specific needs. We are more than happy to help!
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