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Improving Video Quality on the Web with Amazon AWS

Together with our cloud infrastructure partner, we have written an article on how we use Amazon AWS cloud for our cloud-based encoding system as well as our HTML5 player, to improve the video quality on the web and enable Netflix-grade quality.

A Video-Encoding Solution with a 100x Increase in Speed

In this article, we talk about the background of our products and technology and why we achieve faster encoding speeds and better streaming quality. Based on the expertise we gained from MPEG standardization around adaptive bitrate streaming and MPEG-DASH – which is today used by Netflix and Youtube and produces more than 70 % of the US peak internet traffic – we realized three things:

  1. We can increase the encoding speed massively by using flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure, up to 100x faster than real-time encoding.
  2. We can increase video quality by 50–100% in terms of delivered media bitrate while reducing startup delay and buffering by providing an optimized HTML5 video player.
  3. Despite the growing complexity of video encoding, streaming, and playback, we can simplify the video-encoding process with a SaaS offering and solve huge infrastructure needs by using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

Read the Full Story on how Bitmovin uses Amazon AWS

You can find the article in the Amazon AWS Startup blog with a lot of details and background:
amazon blogpost


Cloud infrastructure like Amazon AWS helps us, as well as our customers, to build scalable and flexible video streaming services. To make this as simple as possible, we have different tutorials on how you can use our encoding service and our bitdash HTML5 players, e.g.: How to use bitmovin together with Amazon S3 and CloudFront to build a Netflix-like streaming system

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