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fuboTV Brings Live Sports to Global Fans with Bitmovin Video Infrastructure

Tanya Vernitsky
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fuboTV and Bitmovin bring live sport to fans all over the world

Bitmovin and fubo TV streaming live sports to thousands of fans

Bitmovin video infrastructure gave fuboTV customization options, speed to market and reliability to realize their vision and bring to market a service that customers love.

fuboTV is known for their loyal global fan base and a lineup of over 65 channels that rivals many traditional pay TV offerings. This “upstart streaming TV service” has been holding their own against deep-pocketed competitors like YouTube TV, Amazon and DirecTV. Their edgy ad campaigns, highly demanded sports content, and an emphasis on superior user experience come from a clear vision about what customers want and how to keep them happy. Once fuboTV was able to attract a fan’s attention with their high-value content, they needed to provide a high-quality viewing experience to retain their hard fought viewers in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
When building their video infrastructure, the streaming video team at fuboTV was looking for a high performance solution: a player that would deliver a consistent user experience across devices, premium content protection, and a flexible video encoding platform that did not lock them into a specific hardware or cloud vendor. With Bitmovin, they found not just a capable product, but also an integration and development partner, together with BuyDRM & Zixi, as part of an agile cloud solution, unencumbered by legacy code bases.

“Bitmovin’ engineering team has been great to work with. We were able to rely on them to become an extension of our engineering team. Bitmovin’ gives us greater control over the player than any other player in the market. We were able to get our implementation to production with markedly better experience than our previous player. We’re looking forward to exploring more ways to work together.”

Sung Ho Choi
Co-founder, fuboTV

As part of the deployment, Bitmovin is providing fuboTV with a cross-platform Video Player and cloud-based encoding and encryption via the Bitmovin Encoding Service integrated with BuyDRM’s KeyOS Encryption Key API, the KeyOS MultiKey multi-DRM service and Zixi Feeder, for nine Showtime channels. The development teams of the two companies are tightly integrated to enable direct communications and quick turnaround times.
Even with fuboTV’s loyal customer base, the competition for the sports fan is red-hot as subscribers consider more than just channel selection when making their choices – they want services that work across platforms, easy device casting, cable-like fast channel switching, and live & VOD DVR.

“We’re proud to see fuboTV take advantage of Bitmovin’s high performance, flexible solutions for live encoding and browser playback. This is a great example of how customers can leverage virtualized video infrastructure to accelerate their time to market.”

Christopher Mueller
CTO, Bitmovin

Bitmovin provides industry leading online streaming solutions for OTT platforms and enables high quality live and on demand video streaming over the web, with support for the popular consumer DRMs, smooth streaming without buffering and lowest startup delay with resolutions up to HD and 4K.
How could Bitmovin address the requirements of your streaming service?

Tanya Vernitsky

Tanya Vernitsky

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