Frequently Asked Questions – Player

Why is fullscreen is not working if the player is an iframe?

Why are device movements not registered if an iframe is used?

Why do I see “Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The play() request was interrupted by a call to pause().” in the browser console?

Why does the player show the error message “Your player is not allowed to play on the domain”?

I see black flashes during playback, can you please fix this?

Why the 360° Video and VR rendering modes are not available on iOS devices?

My Wowza stream does not play in Internet Explorer and Edge anymore using the HTML5 player

How does a crossdomain.xml file look like?

How do I enable CORS on my web server?

Can I use the Bitmovin player within a Facebook post?

How can I remove the link to the Bitmovin website from the context menu?

Why do I see error messages in my browser’s console?

Why does my PlayReady protected content not play in Internet Explorer 11?

Why do I get the Flash based player in Chrome instead of the HTML5?

Why are the colors of my video not the same in different browsers?

How can I define what should be displayed as video or audio quality in the settings window?

How can I define what should be displayed as (audio, subtitle, caption) language names in the settings window?

Are subtitles/captions supported?

Can I manually change playback quality?

I’ve a live stream but the player does not start at the proper position?

The player is not loading segments, although the MPD is correct?

Is the MPD, which I want to use, supported?

I get the error message “1002: Key or domain is invalid”

I setup the Bitmovin player, but no video element is shown?

Can I integrate the Bitmovin player in my existing website?

Do I need to use a web server for the Bitmovin player?

I signed up in the bitmovin portal – what’s next?

Bitmovin Adaptive Streaming Player?

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