How can I remove the link to the Bitmovin website from the context menu?

Our player comes with a default context menu, which can be edit or even removed – this is also possible with non-paid plans! To overwrite the default entry, simply use the context_menu_entries attribute within the tweaks section of the configuration. A possible configuration, removing the context menu entirely, might look like the following:

  var conf = {
        key: 'YOUR-KEY-HERE',
        source: {
            dash:           '//path/to/manifest.mpd',
            hls:            '//path/to/playlist.m3u8',
            poster:         '//path/to/poster.jpg'
    	style: {
      		width:          '100%',
      		aspectratio:    '16:9',
      		controls:       true
        tweaks: { 
            context_menu_entries: []
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