Encoding API

The Bitmovin encoding API enables you to interact directly with the bitmovin encoding service. This comes along with the possibility to integrate Bitmovin directly into your application, web portal, media workflows, etc. and fully automate your encoding process.

Bitmovin also provides a wide range of API clients for the most common programming languages and platforms. These clients are a wrapper on top of our REST API to ease development and help out customers to integrate the Bitmovin encoding with lowest efforts.

It is highly recommended to use our API clients, which simplify the integration of our service and help you to onboard quickly!

API Clients

Golang API client for video

Golang Client

C Sharp Bitmovin API

C# Client


Node JS Client

Ruby Client

Ruby Client

PHP Client

Python Client

Java Client


Javascript Client

Bitmovin API

The Bitmovin API allows you to control all aspects of your encoding workflow from one interface. By using one of the API clients listed above you can quickly build a workflow to control Input, Encoding, Storage, CDN, Playback and Analytics in an enterprise production environment for VoD and Live.

REST API (legacy version)

Our REST API Version 1 is still fully supported to serve our existing customers, however we recommend planning your upgrade to the new version of our API to ensure you have access to all of our latest and future features and services.

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