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Dropbox Video Streaming – Encoding Integration

Dropbox Video Streaming Integration and New User Interface

The Bitmovin team has worked hard to improve the user interface of our portal and now the latest version is ready to use. Among the many other improvements, the mobile view has been optimized to enable our customers to monitor the status of their encodings from any place with any device. We hope you like it as much as we do!
Bitmovin Portal - Cloud Encoding Input Overview

Dropbox Integration

Bitmovin now integrates seamlessly with Dropbox, which can be used to deliver input files input in to our system. This means  you can host your files on Dropbox and encode them directly with Bitmovin. We can also automatically transfer the completed files back to your Dropbox account when the encoding is finished.
Although video streaming directly from Dropbox in a production workflow is not recommended, it can be very useful for testing purposes, and this integration opens up many new possibilities to improve your video streaming workflow.
Encode MPEG-DASH & HLS directly from your DropBox

Encode MPEG-DASH & HLS directly from your DropBox

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