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Player Web Release 8.77.0






  • troubleShootLink for the error events


  • Improve HLS livestream performance on older low-end devices
  • Fixed issue on older Tizen devices with the duration being NaN during startup
  • Playback occasionally freezing on Tizen when skipping a gap
  • DASH sometimes being chosen over Native HLS even though a FairPlay config is provided
  • Slightly improve parsing performance of HLS playlists
  • Improve resource efficiency when playing long HLS playlists
  • Content restoring sometimes not respecting the startOffset on Native HLS
  • Player missing the target when timeshifting with a positive timestamp value
  • Invalid HTML line break tags for subtitles
  • Player getting stuck on the lowest quality, when the representations are ordered by descending bandwidth
  • Better support for unknown video codecs in HLS

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