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Player Web Release 8.71.0





  • PlayerAPI.getCurrentTime returning NaN while the player is finishing an ad break
  • Period switches sometimes failing on slow network when audio and video segments are not aligned
  • Stalling when seeking during an ongoing quality switch with DASH SegmentBase WebM streams
  • Playback of WebM streams with ClearKey subsample encryption
  • Ads schedule with BAM module not respecting the correct order in case the schedule time for ads is the same
  • Network API documentation used outdated namespace in code examples
  • Broken playback in Safari when using the native_hls_parsing tweak with HLS streams that carry PROGRAM-DATE-TIME tags in any but the first discontinuity sequence
  • Player not respecting audio selection for HLS streams where audio and video is muxed together and additionally separate audio renditions are available
  • UI: Incorrect font size for TTML subtitles

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