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Player Web Release 8.69.0





  • Support for the @endNumber attribute in DASH manifests.
  • UI: Sort AudioTracks inside the AudioTrackSelectBox and the AudioTrackListBox by their identifier.


  • Player now dispatches an AudioChanged event when the native player is used in case an enabled audio track is added after the SourceLoaded event has already been dispatched
  • AudioChanged event definition now allows sourceAudio property to be null


  • No StallStarted event if video element stops before buffer end is reached
  • Playback stalling on WebOS and Tizen when switching between audio tracks with different timescales
  • Parent wrapper sequence and fallback ads inside VAST manifests not being respected when using the Bitmovin ad module
  • TTML region style linked to head style ID not being applied
  • Correctly set the live stream duration when it is provided by the manifest

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