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Player Web Release 8.66.0





  • Support for mid-stream key rotation for PlayReady in Edge browsers
  • Support for subtitle styling via WebVTT default classes


  • Quality switches interfering and causing inaccuracies in seeking/timeShifting on HLS streams
  • Freezing playback during seeking when adjusting the time to a buffer start which will be removed
  • Duplicate handling of the DVRWindowExceeded event
  • Playback occasionally freezing on Tizen when switching periods
  • Preferred language order for playback.audioLanguage and playback.subtitleLanguage not respected
  • Fragmented subtitles tracks sometimes failing to activate
  • getCurrentTime sometimes returning 0 during period transitions
  • startOffset not getting applied in live streams after a pre-roll ad has finished
  • Not handling multiple DATERANGE tags per segment
  • Not firing metadata event for DATERANGE tag with duration zero
  • Error event swallowed on content restore after an ad break
  • AdVerifications in nested Extension tags prevented ads from being played when using the BitmovinAdvertisingModule

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