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Player Web Release 8.54.0





  • Image Media Playlist thumbnail support
  • Proper handling of Widevine protected streams with representations that don't have valid DRM licenses
  • UI: Support for PlaylistTransition event which is only present on the Mobile v3 SDKs (added with bitmovin-player-ui v3.24.0 release)


  • Do not recreate SourceBuffer on encryption change on Firefox


  • Dynamic removal of non-playable representations due to DRM license not being usable
  • Tizen 2016 not seeking in VOD content
  • Tizen playback occasionally freezing during a period switch or seeking in VOD
  • Player not switching to a HLS backup stream
  • Missing Seek and Seeked event when setting current time on video element during startup with startOffset
  • drm: DrmAPI missing in the PlayerAPI interface (untracked)
  • Playback of raw AAC segments on Tizen

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