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Player Web Release 8.51.0





  • metadata field on the SourceConfig that is automatically passed to CAF v3 receivers whenever a source is loaded
  • UI: UIConfig#disableAutoHideWhenHovered config property to disable auto hiding of UI when an element in ControlBar is currently hovered (added with bitmovin-player-ui v3.22.0 release)


  • UI: Exported builder method for modernUI (changed with bitmovin-player-ui v3.22.0 release)


  • TTML Bitmap based subtitles not rendering on Tizen TV 2018 and older
  • Occasionally wrongly reported timeshift value
  • player.getTimeShift sometimes not returning 0 while being at the live edge on Safari
  • CEA-608 captions not being parsed on HLS live streams with a discontinuity related to SSAI
  • CEA-608 captions overlapping on live streams after time shifting back
  • Downloads not being cancelled on drastic bandwidth drops
  • Subtitle not rendering with smooth streaming
  • Metadata provided by CLOSED-CAPTIONS renditions in HLS and Accessibility descriptors in DASH not being exposed in SubtitleTracks of CEA closed caption tracks
  • Unresponsive player after livestream pre-roll ad has finished

Known Issues

  • Seeking not working on Tizen 2016 devices with DASH assets

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