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Player Web Release 8.40.0





  • Replace all custom protocols with skd when EXT-X-SESSION-KEY is present in a hls master playlist and the ServiceWorker is used
  • DRMConfig api spec to add preferredKeySystems, and PlayreadyDRMConfig to add utf8message and plainTextChallenge


  • Joining a live stream near the end of a DASH period could lead to a playbackfinished event being fired
  • PlayReady DRM to DRM period switches sporadically failing in the Edge browser
  • RestrictStrategy.shouldPlaySkippedAdBreaks is not respected on seek with IMA module
  • Time shifting for DASH SegmentTimeline sometimes not accurate
  • Loading segment index rewind after ongoing segment download cancellation
  • DRM protected streams with init-data only in the manifest not playing back on webOS TVs
  • Main content not playing after adaptive streaming ad when Bitmovin Advertising Module is used
  • Main content playing while switching between midroll adBreaks for same position

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