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Player Web Release 6.1.1




  • DASH ClearKey support
  • Google IMA (VAST) support
  • HLS Discontinuity and MPEG-DASH Multi Period support
  • Custom naming for subtitles/captions, qualities and audio tracks
  • Support for different cardboard configurations
  • DASH CEA-608/708 closed captions
  • CEA-608/708 multi channel closed caption support for DASH and HLS
  • TimeShift/DVR support in Safari using the native HLS capabilities
  • Improved Audio track switching
  • Enabled preloading content via player API (player.preload())
  • Manual quality selection for progressive streams
  • Event for start of every played segment (ON_SEGMENT_PLAYBACK)
  • Support for #EXT-X-PROGRAM-DATE-TIME tags (using the dateTime attribute in the new ON_SEGMENT_PLAYBACK event)
  • Improved error handling - player keeps being usable and maintains size when an error occurs
  • Support for iOS inline playback
  • Indicator if user is watching live vs. DVR
  • getBufferedRanges API call to retrieve all currently buffered ranges
  • NAME attribute in HLS manifests is used for audio, video and subtitle tracks per default


  • Improved error handling in context of encrypted content
  • Last few frames of a stream were not played
  • Fixed progressive streams in Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7
  • Very short videos sometimes not played
  • onHideControls/onShowControls events were not fired
  • Improved error handling in legacy browsers
  • Content did not always continue playback if ad playback had an error
  • Improved handling of unsupported codecs in representations and adaptation sets
  • Issue with multiple players on one site
  • Content video was sometimes played for a short time before an ad started
  • Fixed DRM issue in context of ads
  • Bug in adaptation logic
  • PlayReady DRM HTTP headers related issue in some environments
  • getSnapshot API call was broken
  • Issue with segmented subtitles
  • Some subtitle tracks could not be set to active
  • Issue where playback of main content did not work after ad under some circumstances
  • Fixed sending metadata to the ChromeCast receiver app
  • Fixed onMetadata event parameter object structure
  • Corrected buffer length calculation for progressive mp4
  • Handling of non-synced #EXT-X-MEDIA-SEQUENCE numbers in HLS
  • Issue with skippable ads on iOS
  • Issue with order of ad events
  • Issue related to fade out of controls
  • Improved VR performance
  • Bug regarding mouse controls when switching between VR and non-VR sources
  • UI issue with ads but no other source
  • Bug with parsing encrypted segments with IV_size 16
  • Ad click tracker were not called
  • Issue with line breaks in some TTML subtitle files and fragments without body tag
  • Issue with TTML subtitles specified in manifest with DRM protected content
  • Improved error handling if ad manifest could not be loaded
  • Space triggered last clicked icon instead of toggling play/pause
  • Issue in Internet Explorer 11
  • Improvements related to DASH ClearKey and HLS AES-128 encryption

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