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Player iOS / tvOS Release 3.6.0





  • BitmovinCastManagerOptions to specify applicationId, namespace and enableBackgroundSessions when initializing BitmovinCastManager
  • BitmovinCastManagerOptions.enableBackgroundSessions to keep Google Cast sessions active when the app is in background
  • OfflineConfig to configure the offline functionality
  • OfflineConfig.restrictMediaDownloadsToWiFi to specify if an active WiFi connection is required for downloading media for offline playback
  • OfflineManager.initializeOfflineManagerWithOfflineConfig to set the OfflineConfig
  • OfflineManager.isOfflineManagerInitialized to check if the shared instance is already initialized
  • OfflineManager.restrictMediaDownloadsToWiFi property to specify if an active WiFi connection is required for downloading media for offline playback
  • OfflineManagerDelegate which will act as the delegate for OfflineManager
  • OfflineManager.areSuspendedDownloadsRestored property to specify if the OfflineManager has finished restoring suspended downloads


  • Offline FairPlay license renewal and synchronization
  • Failing offline playback for assets with dual-expiry FairPlay licenses
  • Removed internal types from public documentation

Known Issues

  • Picture in Picture mode is not working on iOS 14.0 and iOS 14.1
  • Playback gets stuck when playing a Progressive Ad that results in an AdError
  • Loading a new Source from a PlayerErrorEvent or a SourceErrorEvent does not work
  • Loading a new Source from a PlaybackFinishedEvent sometimes does not start playback automatically when PlaybackConfig.isAutoPlayEnabled is set to true
  • When our default Bitmovin Player Web UI is used it can happen that the label of an AudioTrack keeps the value of the previous source
  • Loading a SourceConfig via Player.load(sourceConfig:) leads to a crash when exiting casting (use Player.load(source:) instead)
  • Bitmovin Player Web UI occasionally stays visible after a transition to a subsequent source
  • Already partially downloaded data for offline playback will be lost and has to be re-downloaded after updating from below 2.64.2 to this version
  • When upgrading to this version, FairPlay protected streams that were downloaded with a version before 2.64.2 for v2 to v3 upgrade or before 3.3.0 for a v3 to v3 upgrade (using OfflineManager) are not playable anymore when the device is offline


  • BitmovinCastManager.initializeCasting(applicationId:) and BitmovinCastManager.initializeCasting(applicationId:messageNamespace:) in favor of BitmovinCastManager.initializeCasting(options:)

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