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Player iOS / tvOS Release 3.0.1





  • A StallStartedEvent will now be emitted after a SeekedEvent and TimeShiftedEvent if the seek or timeShift results in stalling


  • Crash when destroying player during ad playback
  • No stalling indicator visible when stalling is in progress when transitioning from one Source to another happens
  • Incorrect Source.loadingState when the following event listeners were called: SourceLoad / SourceLoaded / SourceUnload / SourceLoaded
  • Additional SourceLoaded events when a Source already finished preloading during playback of the previous Source
  • Player is returning data from the previous source inside the PlaylistTransitionEvent (e.g. Player.availableAudio, Player.availableSubtitles)

Known Issues

  • Picture in Picture mode is not working on iOS 14.0 and iOS 14.1
  • Playback gets stuck when playing a Progressive Ad results in an AdError
  • Loading a new Source from a PlayerError or a SourceErrorEvent does not work
  • Loading a new Source from a PlaybackFinishedEvent sometimes does not start playback automatically when isAutoPlayEnabled is set to true
  • Unexpected TimeChanged event is emitted between the Play and PlayingEvent when a Source or a Playlist is replayed
  • When our default Bitmoivn Player Web UI is used it could happen that the label of an AudioTrack keeps the value of the previous source

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