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Fri Jul 16 2021

How to remove the watermark from the chromecast receiver ?

By default, the Bitmovin Chromecast receiver comes with the Bitmovin logo as a watermark in the top right corner.

It can easily be removed by following the 3 steps below :

  1. Create a new CSS file and copy/paste the following instructions :
1.bmpui-ui-watermark {
2 display: none;
  1. Host the CSS file on a HTTP web server accessible publicly and take a note of the HTTP address of the file.

  2. Provide the URL of the CSS file through the “receiverStylesheetUrl” field of the customReceiverConfig object in the player configuration

Example (Web SDK) :

1 var conf = {
3 remotecontrol: {
4 type: 'googlecast',
5 customReceiverConfig: {
6 receiverStylesheetUrl: 'https://mycdn.com/mycustomreceiverstyle.css',
7 },
8 }
9 }

Example (iOS SDK) :

1 let config = PlayerConfig()
2 config.remoteControlConfig = RemoteControlConfig();
3 config.remoteControlConfig.receiverStylesheetUrl = URL(string: "https://mycdn.com/mycustomreceiverstyle.css")

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