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Encoding / ArticlesTue Mar 08 2022

Simple Encoding API - Live

Simple Live Encoding Jobs are an easy way to transcode your RTMP or SRT Input into a best practise bitrate ladder for efficient, high-quality DASH/HLS delivery to your audience. All you need is a single API call that provides the input type, and an output to store the encoded live content.

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Encoding / FAQsTue Mar 08 2022

What permissions do I need to set on my GCS buckets for Encoding Input and Output?

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Player / TutorialsMon Feb 28 2022

Getting started with the web player on Samsung Tizen

Basic example for getting the web player running on a Samsung Tizen TV.

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Encoding / TutorialsThu Feb 24 2022

Integrating Bitmovin Encoder with PallyCon Multi-DRM

This tutorial discusses the recommended way to integrate PallyCon DRM with Bitmovin - using the CPIX/CENC API.

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Player / TutorialsTue Feb 22 2022

Setting up Ads with the Web Player

Bitmovin Player is capable of serving Ads out of the box. This guide is made to quickly help get you started on configuring it with your integration.

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Player / FAQsWed Feb 09 2022

Why doesn’t autoplay work consistently on browsers?

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Player / ArticlesFri Jan 28 2022

How does FairPlay work?

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Player / ArticlesTue Jan 25 2022

Smart TVs configuration and best practices

Configurations and good practices to optimise WebOs/Tizen Smart TVs with Bitmovin Web SDK

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Player / FAQsMon Jan 24 2022

Can I use ExoPlayer and the Bitmovin Player Android SDK in the same project?

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Analytics / FAQsWed Jan 19 2022

What is the length limit for customData fields?

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