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Player / ArticlesTue May 10 2022

WebVTT based thumbnails

Description of WebVTT based thumbnail format.

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Player / ArticlesTue Apr 26 2022

Bitmovin Player CAF support

This article explains how to setup Google CAF (Casting Application Framework) with the Bitmovin player on compatible platforms: Web, Android and iOS

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Encoding / ArticlesTue Apr 05 2022

Bitmovin CDN Output (Beta)

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Encoding / ArticlesWed Mar 09 2022

Encoding - Thumbnail generation support for VoD

Thumbnail types generation supported by Bitmovin Encoding, for VoD use cases

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Encoding / ArticlesTue Mar 08 2022

Simple Encoding API - Live

Simple Live Encoding Jobs are an easy way to transcode your RTMP or SRT Input into a best practise bitrate ladder for efficient, high-quality DASH/HLS delivery to your audience. All you need is a single API call that provides the input type, and an output to store the encoded live content.

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Player / ArticlesFri Jan 28 2022

How does FairPlay work?

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Player / ArticlesTue Jan 25 2022

Smart TVs configuration and best practices

Configurations and good practices to optimise WebOs/Tizen Smart TVs with Bitmovin Web SDK

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Player / ArticlesMon Jan 17 2022

Network API - HTTP request/response manipulations per Platform

HTTP request/response manipulations supported by Bitmovin SDK

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Player / ArticlesWed Dec 29 2021

Player - Thumbnail Preview Support

Thumbnail preview support with Bitmovin Player SDKs

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Player / ArticlesThu Dec 16 2021

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