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Encoding / ArticlesThu Feb 09 2023

Changes to fMP4 outputs in Encoder version 2.153.0

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Encoding / ArticlesWed Nov 30 2022

Best Practice Guide: REST API 5xx Errors

The objective of this best practice guide is to provide information on what HTTP server 5xx errors mean; why and where they can possibly occur; and what could be done when they actually occur while using Bitmovin Encoding APIs.

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Encoding / ArticlesTue Jul 26 2022

Optimizations: reducing turnaround time for VOD encodings

A collection of recommendations for users whose primary concern is to get their encodings to run fast and finish as early as possible.

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Player / ArticlesMon Jul 25 2022

Sending Custom Metadata from Bitmovin player to Chromecast CAF receiver

This article explains how to send Custom Metadata to Chromecast CAF receiver from the different Bitmovin player SDKs

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Encoding / ArticlesMon Jul 25 2022

Using SPEKE for DRM

To keep your DRM configuration simple and secure, your DRM provider may support the ability to exchange keys through the SPEKE protocol. This tutorial describes how to configure your Bitmovin encoding to use SPEKE

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Analytics / ArticlesTue Jul 12 2022

Using Top-Errors for debugging

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Player / ArticlesFri Jun 24 2022

Web Player VTT Timestamp Tag Handling

Bitmovin Web Player has support for WebVTT Timestamp tags. This article describes the syntax and the player behaviour

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Player / ArticlesTue May 10 2022

WebVTT based thumbnails

Description of WebVTT based thumbnail format.

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Player / ArticlesTue Apr 26 2022

Bitmovin Player CAF support

This article explains how to setup Google CAF (Casting Application Framework) with the Bitmovin player on compatible platforms: Web, Android and iOS

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Encoding / ArticlesTue Apr 05 2022

Bitmovin CDN Output (Beta)

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