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Learn how to create, start, manage and modify Encodings

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Learn how to create, start, manage and modify Players

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Learn how to create, start, manage and modify Analyticss

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Encoding Tutorials

Create a Live Encoding from an RTMP stream

The Bitmovin cloud encoding service is a powerful tool for live streaming, and our API makes it easy to implement. This tutorial concentrates on feeds contributed with the RTMP protocol, which are the simplest to setup.

Get started with the Bitmovin API

As a developer the Bitmovin API will become the center of your video infrastructure universe, as it allows you to manage everything about your encodings, player, and analytics, as well as your Bitmovin account itself. In this tutorial we will guide to you through the first steps on how to communicat

How to create an S3 Role-Based Encoding Input or Output with the Bitmovin API

AWS versatile IAM Service provides many ways to control access to your AWS resources. One of these are IAM Roles which enable you to allow other AWS accounts to access certain resources in your account without the need to share Access/Secret Key Pairs.

Understanding the Bitmovin Encoding Object Model

This tutorial describes the various objects that make up a Bitmovin encoding, how they interrelate, and how they are created and manipulated through the APIs and SDKs. It will help you understand the necessary foundations to become an efficient Bitmovin video developer.

H264 Presets

Quick overview about all available H264 Preset Configurations that can be used as a default settings template to optimize your H264 Codec Configurations for specific LIVE or VOD use-cases targeting for Quality, or Low Latency

How to optimize your H264 codec configuration for different use-cases

Default settings for codec configurations provide you with decent quality and encoding turn around times. Those can be further optimized to get the best out of your Live/VoD workflow. Tweak them using codec configuration presets, tailored to optimize for quality, speed and low latency.

Stitching and Trimming - Getting started

The Bitmovin Video Encoder provides functionality to create very flexible encoding scenarios manipulating and stitching (or concatenating) together multiple input files. This tutorial goes step by step through a complete example, with code samples using the Bitmovin Open API Java SDK.

How to setup an Akamai NetStorage Output

You will learn how it works using the Akamai HTTP API interface and what it needs to obtain proper credentials from Akamai, to create an Akamai NetStorage object in our service to use it as input source and/or output destination for your encodings.

Per-Title Configuration Options explained

While the Per Title Algorithm can determine all it needs on its own, you can also customize and adjust the way it works in order to be able to make consider your specific encoding requirements as well.

Bitmovin Video Encoder v1 to v2 migration guide

Bitmovin Encoder v2 is out and introduces a couple of major new features. With AV1 and Per-Title Encoding as out-of-the-box features, the solution makes state-of-the-art video technology used by leading SVOD providers available to a mass-market audience.

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