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Encoding Encoder Release 2.90.0





  • The color configuration conversion has been enhanced to also support a change of the transfer characteristics even if the color space and color primaries of input and output are identical (e.g. HDR10 to HLG).
  • In DASH manifests generated with ManifestGenerator V2 the [email protected] attributes were set to UUIDs which caused some players to fail because this property should be an unsigned int.
  • Fixed a bug for the manifestGenerator V2 in combination with DtsPassThroughAudioCodecConfigurations which caused encodings with VOD DASH manifests to fail and VOD HLS manifests to have an incorrect targetDuration.
  • When using ACLs to provide access to an S3 bucket from another account, the GetBucketLocation query could have failed, even though the permissions were set correctly which caused the encoding to fail

Known Issues

  • S3 role-based output for segmented muxings: No upload verification available.

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