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Encoding Encoder Release 2.86.0




  • Manifest generator V2 is now generally available and supports all manifest features of our API.
    • It can be used by directly setting manifest IDs in the start encoding request and setting manifestGenerator to V2.
    • We are therefore deprecating the manifest generator V2_BETA option and will remove it from our API SDKs in release v2.89.0.
    • For more information see our tutorial here.


  • The RFC6381 codec label (e.g. "avc1.64001F") for CMAF muxings is now correctly set in DASH and HLS manifests.
  • If the same input source is created twice and used twice in an encoding, we are no longer downloading the input file twice.
  • Fixed a bug with handling HEVC inputs with open GOPs which caused encodings to fail.
  • RASL (Random Access Skip Leading) frames are now correctly removed from the very first GOP of the HEVC inputs.
  • Fixed SegmentTemplate timescale in DASH manifests potentially being set to a wrong value when using variable framerate inputs, causing clients to request a non-existent video segment at the end.

Known Issues

  • S3 role-based output for segmented muxings: No upload verification available.

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