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Encoding Encoder Release 2.52.0




  • Added support for using the same input audio stream for both Audio-Mix filter and non-filter workflows.
  • If for the encoding no SAR is specified then in the resulting video SAR is available as metadata with the value of 1:1.


  • Encodings with at least one UHD+ output stream are up to 33% faster.
  • Improved stability and speed of encodings with longer segment lengths and/or very high input-bitrate in GCE


  • A possibly re-connect issue has been fixed for the live use-case when a timestamp rotation occurs in the following order Video, Subtitle, and Audio and the Subtitle packet was following an Audio packet.
  • Bugfix for Conform filter together with trimming for video streams.
  • A potential problem for live encodings has been fixed that previously led to a restart. This happened whenever a timestamp rotation occurred and the first packed with the updated timestamp has been a subtitle packet and is fixed now.
  • Improved handling of Azure authentication issues.

Known Issues

  • Per-Title encodings only work with GCS, S3, Generic S3, Akamai NetStorage or Azure Blob output.
  • Progressive MP4 with CBR encodings might have incorrect HRD buffer signaling.
  • S3 role-based output for segmented muxings: No upload verification available.

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