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Encoding Encoder Release 2.49.0




  • For video encodings a display aspect ratio (DAR) for the output can be specified. If the DAR does not match with the width and height, then the sample aspect ratio (SAR) will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Added support for HLS iFrame playlist generation for AVC/HEVC in fMP4 with and without encryption.
  • Added support for passthrough of DTS audio codec.


  • For Zixi/SRT live streams, if the ingest disconnects and reconnects again with a different stream layout: audio silence will be written for audio streams, which cannot be found in the new ingest; if the video stream is not found again the live stream will go into ERROR state.
  • Fixed invalid DASH fMP4 output with non-integer segment lengths. This resolves the related playback issues.
  • A timeout with retry mechanism has been added for live manifests uploads to S3, Generic S3, and GCS in order to avoid player buffering for uploads that take too long.

Known Issues

  • Per-Title encodings only work with GCS, S3, Generic S3, Akamai NetStorage or Azure Blob output.
  • Progressive MP4 with CBR encodings might have incorrect HRD buffer signaling.
  • S3 role-based output for segmented muxings: No upload verification available

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