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Encoding Encoder Release 2.45.0




  • Optimized memory utilization and enhanced resiliency against memory errors


  • Fixed a crash for Zixi live input after a restart. Discontinuity occurrence right at the beginning of the stream or after a restart request generated a crash. This is handled correctly now.
  • Fixed an issue where fMP4 last audio segment was sometimes missing, as it consisted of only 1 audio frame and was incorrectly encoded into next-to-last segment.
  • Fixed a bug that failed an encoding with CEA-608/708 captions from a separate input stream in specific cases
  • Improved error resiliency for decoding audio streams for live encodings.
  • Fixed the encodedBytes for progressive muxings with multiple streams in the encoding statistic endpoint for the muxings items.
  • Fixed a bug in the Per-Title logic for fixed resolutions with bitrate constraints, where a fixed resolution between two fixed resolutions with bitrate constraints was not handled properly.

Known Issues

  • Per-Title encodings only work with GCS, S3, Generic S3, Akamai NetStorage or Azure Blob output.
  • Progressive MP4 with CBR encodings might have incorrect HRD buffer signaling.
  • S3 role-based output for segmented muxings: No upload verification available
  • Encoding jobs will fail if the thumbnail width or height is not a multiple of 4

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