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Encoding Encoder Release 2.100.0





  • AV1 encodings:
    • Speed - Encodings run now 5x faster.
    • Quality - Encodings now show appr. 30% higher quality when compared to HEVC/VP9 encodings.
    • Cost - Encodings are now significantly more cost effective. See our Encoding Minute Calculation Methodology for detailed pricing information.
  • CueIdentifierPolicy default for WebVttConfigurations for inputs with FileInputStreamType TTML and SRT: The default is now INCLUDE_IDENTIFIERS instead of OMIT_IDENTIFIERS.
  • Added startOffset to TextMuxing and ChunkedTextMuxing. This is used for setting the MPEGTS value for the RFC 8216 (HLS Specification) X-TIMESTAMP-MAP for WebVtt outputs (e.g.: X-TIMESTAMP-MAP=MPEGTS:900000,LOCAL:00:00:00.000).
  • WebVttConfigurations with CueIdentifierPolicy INCLUDE_IDENTIFIERS will now generate CueIds starting from 1 instead of 0 if the FileInputStreamType is WEBVTT.


  • Streams with WebVttConfigurations will now be trimmed with the same offset and duration as the video stream of the same encoding if the FileInputStreamType is WEBVTT (This is the same behavior as TTML and SRT FileInputStreamTypes already used to have).
  • Fixed a bug which caused output subtitle cues' timestamps to be shifted by the value of the first video PTS, if FileInputStream is used for the subtitle stream
  • KeyFrames are now placed correctly for streams with WebVttConfigurations

Known Issues

  • S3 role-based output for segmented muxings: No upload verification available.

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