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Tue Dec 18 2018

Can I create progressive MOV / MP4 / TS outputs as well?

Yes. Generating progressive outputs with the Bitmovin Encoding API is possible as well, and can simply be performed by using the according progressive MP4 / MOV / TS muxing type, instead of fMP4/TS muxings that are typically used for generating HLS or MPEG-DASH content. The main difference is, that instead of providing one stream to the muxing, you provide two - a video and a audio stream. You can add more than one as well.

HINT: While creating MP4 outputs with multiple audio tracks with our service is possible as well, common web browsers don't support it to select a specific audio track, and therefore only play the first one available.

PHP API client example to create an MP4 muxing:

1$mp4Muxing = new MP4Muxing();
4$mp4Muxing->setStreams(array($muxingStreamVideo, $muxingStreamAudio));
5$mp4Muxing = $apiClient->encodings()->muxings($encoding)->mp4Muxing()->create($mp4Muxing);

This and other examples are already available in our Bitmovin API Client Repositories, which to show how you can create these outputs by yourself.


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