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Tue Jun 11 2019

Changing metadata when switching Videos with Web Collector and Bitmovin Player

OverviewLink Icon

Whenever the player is switching to a new video source the Analytics Collector will automatically detect the switch and start a new impression for the new video.

Unfortunately one key information will be missing and can't be automatically detected by the collector: Which videoId and human readable title of the video (title) along with other relevant metadata that might be important to you.

Obviously this kind of information is important and the metadata change should also be tracked, so this guide will explain how to set the data correctly.

Setting new MetadataLink Icon

With Analytics Web Collector 2.0 we added support for the embedded analytics configuration API where the Analytics metadata is part of the player configuration to more closely convey the relationship between the analytics metadata and the source being played.

To change the metadata of the vide when switching sources you simply add a analytics section to your source configuration.

2 hls: 'https://your-stream.com/playlist.m3u8',
3 analytics: {
4 videoId: '<new videoId>',
5 title: 'The new video title'
6 }

The embedded configuration supports all the same values that can otherwise be put into the analytics config when starting up the player (eg. cdnProvider, userId, customData1-5 etc..).

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