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Thu Nov 05 2020

Integrate Analytics Data into Tableau

Development SetupLink Icon

To set up the development environment, please follow these steps:

1) Clone the Bitmovin Tableau integration repository https://github.com/bitmovin/analytics-tableau-web-data-collector

2) Clone the Tableau Simulator repository https://github.com/tableau/webdataconnector

3) Go into the Tableau Simulator repository folder and create a symlink to the Bitmovin Tableau integration repository folder:

1ln -s /path/to/analytics-tableau-web-data-collector ./bitmovin-analytics

This is necessary in order to develop the integration in a separate repository and still be able to access the analytics web connector in the Tableau simulator. Alternatively, the Bitmovin integration repository can be cloned right into the Tableau repository.

4) Install dependencies of the Tableau web data connector repo

1npm install --production

5) Start the server
1npm start

6) Navigate to http://localhost:8888/Simulator/index.html. You should see something similar to this:

Tableau Integration Screenshot 1

7) Enter ../bitmovin-analytics/index.html into the connector URL. The bitmovin-analytics/ is the symlink that was created beforehand and points to the actual Bitmovin Analytics Tableau integration.

8) Click on the Start Interactive Phase button and enter your analytics properties:

Tableau Integration Screenshot 2

9) Click the Submit button. The Tableau Simulator should now fill out the Connection Data field with the analytics request data. Adapt the request data if needed.

10) Click on the Fetch Table Data button to send the analytics request.

Setup in Tableau DesktopLink Icon

1) Download Tableau from https://www.tableau.com/products/desktop/download

2) Start it and sign in

3) Create a new File, click on the Connect to Data button, select Web Data Connector: Tableau Screenshot 3
Tableau Screenshot 4
4) A window will pop up with a "search bar", copy https://bitmovin.github.io/analytics-tableau-web-data-collector/ and press enter.

5) It will load the Bitmovin Analytics web data connector, for you to fill in the data: Tableau Screenshot 5

6) The query will be executed and after pressing the Update Now button in the work sheet: Tableau Screenshot 6

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