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Wed Jan 29 2020

Analytics Configuration Overview

Wed Jan 29 2020

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Bitmovin Analytics allows for extensive customization of your data architecture. This means data can be easily extended and enriched with information that is not collected through the player integration. Here’s a list of all fields that can be set in the Analytics configuration.

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FieldField NameUse-Case
CDN ProvidercdnProviderSetting the CDN provider in the configuration allows you to use CDN as a breakdown or Global Filter in the Bitmovin Analytics Dashboard. This will enable you to compare the performance of the different CDN providers that you’re using.
Video TitlevideoTitleConfiguring the videoTitle will allow you to efficiently compare the performance of different content pieces in the Bitmovin Analytics Dashboard. You will see names and titles instead of just numbers and IDs.
In case there is no videoTitle set, the dashboard will fallback to the videoId as the main differentiator for content pieces.
Video IDvideoIdConfiguring the videoId is important to ensure consistency within your data framework.
The videoTitle is only used for display purposes in the dashboard because it often shows inconsistencies in terms of naming or languages used.
Hence we use the videoId to uniquely identify a video in technical terms. So for breaking down or filtering content pieces, we use the videoId identifier to ensure consistency within the data.
Live / VODisLiveDifferentiating between Live and VOD content can be important, as both are often distributed through different workflows. Setting that differentiator will help you to consistently analyze the performance of those different workflows.
A/B Tests variablesExperimentFor testing purposes, Bitmovin Analytics provides an Experiment field to differentiate between testing groups.
A popular application for this data field is to use it for testing a new player version, before rolling it out to all your viewers.
Custom User IDcustomUserIdThe customUserId field can be used to integrate a subscriber or user ID into Bitmovin Analytics.
Features such as Session Tracking will only work if a customUserId is configured. Otherwise, all impressions will be assigned to a single null user.

For privacy reasons we advise you to send customUserIds not as emails or otherwise personally identifiable form but either as IDs or in a hashed form
Custom Data 1-5customData1
The five customData fields can be freely configured. The data sent through these fields can be used as a filter or as a breakdown to segment the data according to your needs.
Common use-cases for customData are sending the app version used, a cross-domain ID, or assigning a high-level content category to order the content pieces. But the options are more or less unlimited.

In the dashboard, under the license settings, customData fields can be labeled according to your liking.

Note: For customData field queries we allow a cardinality of maximum of 15,000 distinct values per customData field within the selected time-frame.

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