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Generic Analytics Articles

Using Top-Errors for debugging

Data Aging in Bitmovin Analytics

The article outline how data is aged in Bitmovin Analytics over the retention time.

Licenses in Bitmovin Analytics

The article explains the concept of licenses in Bitmovin Analytics.

Cookies in Bitmovin Analytics

Bitmovin Analytics stores a unique identifier in a cookie to re-identify unique users. This article shows how cookies can be configured and disabled.

How we measure buffering in Bitmovin Analytics

As buffering is one of the most important video metrics to track, we try to be as precise as possible in measuring buffering. Hence, in Bitmovin Analytics buffering is measured by two components.

Analytics API Fields

All the data you can find in the Analytics Dashboard can be queried using the Bitmovin Analytics API as well. See this list for a complete overview of available player and advertising fields.

Analytics Configuration Overview

Bitmovin Analytics allows for extensive customization of your data architecture. This means data can be easily extended and enriched with information that is not collected through the player integration. Here’s a list of all fields that can be set in the Analytics configuration.

Analytics Collectors

Easily see all the Bitmovin Analytics Collectors available right now and which 3rd party players and platforms they support already.

Dashboard - Overview of Analytics Metrics

A list of all the metrics from the Bitmovin Analytics dashboard, including a description of the metric and how it is sorted in the dashboard.

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