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developer network - Bitmovin

The Bitmovin Video Developer Network

University-grade online classes taught by the leading experts in the video industry. Quickly advance your video development knowledge, at your leisure. Best of all, it’s completely free to use.

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Video compression fundamentals

New to video compression? This is the place to start. From basic image formats, to advanced video CODEC standards, this course will enable you to become a video compression Jedi.

Our people

Your course instructors

developer network - Bitmovin
Dr. Christian Timmerer
developer network - Bitmovin
Andrea Fassina

Our promise to you

developer network - Bitmovin

Digestible bite-sized lessons per course

We don’t believe in wasting people’s time with unnecessary fluff. For that reason, each course is made up of lessons that are short and to the point, no blabbing or bs included.

developer network - Bitmovin

Completely and utterly free to use

Our priority is to enable everyone to level up their skills. So you won’t see any pesky sign-up forms or registration fees. It’s free to use, plain and simple.

developer network - Bitmovin

Learn critical foundational lessons

Like any good martial arts instructor, the best way to become proficient at something is to build upon a strong foundation. Start your video development learning path off the right way.

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