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As the leading media company in Slovenia, PRO PLUS has for more than 23 years enjoyed a special position in the Slovenian media environment. In television, PRO PLUS constantly generates new trends through the two TV channels with the greatest audience shares in Slovenia – POP TV and Kanal A, as well as through its topical TV channels – BRIO, KINO and OTO. The company has a significant on-line presence where it constantly pushes the boundaries further through, Slovenia’s most visited website, 7 specialised web portals and the first video on-demand internet service in Slovenia, VOYO

Customer Benefit

PRO PLUS has been Slovenia’s leading media company for more than 23 years. Prior to Bitmovin, PRO PLUS maintained its video players in-house. However, following requests from global advertising clients to adopt standards like video player ad-serving interface definition (VPAID), it decided to employ Bitmovin’s technology in order to meet its customers’ expectations and maximize advertising revenues.

Customer Testimonial

Bitmovin’s Player is fully flexible and feature-rich, ensuring that we are providing our customers with the best solution for interactivity, measurement capabilities, and ad types. We chose Bitmovin, not only because of its innovative technology, but because of the proximity of the team and their in-depth understanding of the local market. They make sure that we stay ahead of the competition by communicating upcoming market trends that we need to be aware of, and providing new features for us to test.

Bostjan Rigler

Technical Director