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About Phaistos Networks

Phaistos Networks SA is a leading R&D company in Greece on a mission to build powerful, elegant, data-driven products and services. Phaistos Networks is providing a variety of digital marketing solutions & services to its enterprise-class customers and partners (Publishers, Broadcasters & Agencies) for over 20 years.

Customer Benefit

The Bitmovin Video Player ensures Phaistos Networks SA meets the needs of the publishers and broadcasters it works with by supporting the monetization of all advertising content. The API-based nature of the Player has made it easy for Phaistos Networks SA to implement extra features and meet its customers’ future requirements.

Customer Testimonial

We work with many different publishers & broadcasters and we needed a video player that could support all of our advertising use cases and, ultimately, help drive revenues across all platforms. Bitmovin’s Player is the perfect solution for us because it delivers a broadcast quality of experience for our premium content and commercials, but its API approach means that it also offers a number of features that can be selected and adjusted to meet any requirements. Thanks to the Bitmovin Player, we are now able to fully optimize our advertising content.

Petros Papadakis

Inventory Solutions Director

Phaistos Networks