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Customer Benefit

OSN launched its online and mobile app entertainment platform, WAVO, in August 2017. The service delivers a mix of movie, TV and sports to consumers across the Middle East and North Africa. In order to overcome bandwidth constraints commonly found in the region, OSN decided to use Bitmovin’s encoder to optimize the speed and agility of its service.

Customer Testimonial

Consumers want high quality online experiences that do not increase bandwidth. This is particularly important in mobile first regions such as the Middle East and North Africa where network infrastructure is still developing. In order to remain market leaders, we knew that we needed disruptive technology that could dramatically decrease the time it takes to get our content online without compromising on the visual quality of the stream. Bitmovin’s encoder is ensuring we are delivering seamless online experiences at lightning speed to all of our subscribers’ devices without increasing costs. Thanks to the Bitmovin team’s ongoing support, we are continuing to invest in technologies that will help us stay ahead of our competitors.

Dave Mace

Cloud and Digital Services Manager, OSN